Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Bookcase Project - Before

This year I've taken on the task of reorganizing our living room. It took me a long time to get the toys in order. I used to try to keep all the toys in C {my daughter}'s room, but they always ended up in a pile in the living room. I looked through so many organizers and now I have a bin and cubby system I'm happy with.

The books, well, it's just a sorry sight. I LOVE books. I have two large bookcases in my room just for me. I have a cubby in the hallway that I use to store books and photo albums and scrapbooks. And I use the hall closet for those that have flooded out of my bookcases. C has the same issue. I have a large bookcase in her room full of books. And we have a small bookcase in the living room for when she wants to read downstairs or when she's doing homework and needs a book. Slowly things have crept onto it and it needs an overhaul.

I have a couple ideas that I'm going to try out. Here it is - the dreaded before picture.

Did you recoil in horror?

Ok, some of those books are mine. C is six and not yet reading heavy books on Art History. A book organization overhaul and then I'm going to paint it. After it gets painted I'm going to attempt some kind of fun design on it. I don't want it too kiddie since I expect she'll use it through the years.

The next time you see this bookcase it won't look nearly as scary.

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